Friday, October 6, 2017

Finally, it's here What a birthday present!

The Saints Lost Their Way is available on Amazon today.

The book is available as of today on Amazon.
Check it out. Read and write a review
What a great birthday present!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

One step closer to officially being an 'author'.  Uploaded the approved edited copy of my mss to the publisher.  A matter of days now before it becomes a book for the reading public.  It been a long long road but very close to closure.  Now the fun begins.  marketing, distribution, promotion, launching. and perhaps reviews and royalties.

Moving on to the sequels.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Novel in the home stretch

Putting finishing touches on the novel,

"The Saints Lost Their Way."

Check the prelude posted earlier.

Fine tuning with editor  Hope to be available soon

Writing the book was a passion and a mission, and I am finding publishing, promoting and marketing same is a JOB.  But I am excited to see it through and to get some reviews.  One strategy is to launch with special bargain price on the e-book version.

More as the strategies take shape.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Well, I've taken the plunge.  Considering my age, and the time it takes to get a response from agent querying activity or the response time from publishers for a first novel, I shopped around for a self-publishing opportunity.  Winnowing down all the options, I settled on Create Space which seemed to have all I needed and was able to negotiate to stay within my budget.  So far, we have worked well together.  I have selected cover art, and expect the line editing to be completed soon, and then go to print.  I am scheduling launch activities and looking at promotional strategies.

Still harboring lots of writing ideas, but have to focus on the 'business' of being an author for a while.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

                                                THE TWELFTH OF JULY

A holiday in Ulster commemorating the victory of William of Orange at the River Boyne.  An interesting battle in Ireland between a Dutch-led army and an English-led army, fighting over sovereignty of Irish territory, and religious beliefs.  Really a continuation of the 'troubles' between Catholics and Protestants that started with the plantation of Protestants in Ireland in the 16th century and lasted into the 20th century.

So the Orangemen march today, even though the battle was really on July 1.  A change in the Gregorian version of the calendar made the difference.

Check out Sean Tyrrell's rendition of 'The Twelfth of July: the children's lament'. on YouTube which shows there is still hope. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Publishing Decisions

Seriously immersed in searching for publishing opportunities.

I'm drowning in details!

So many options: 

I've invested time writing.
Now, how much time and money to invest in publishing?
Hardback, Paperback, e-book?
Traditional publisher?  Self Publish?
Agent?  No agent?
Genre?  sub genre?
Pay editor?  Pay proofreader?
Self-edit ? Self Proofread?
Friend or family edit and/or proofread?
Getting format to comply with publisher submission requirements?
     font?  point size? headers?  footers?  margins? 
     page number placement?  line numbers?  
     word count limitations? book paper choices?
Pricing? Royalties?  Print runs?  Free copies? Discounts?
ISBN? LOC control #
Copyrights?  Ownership?
Marketing strategies?

The craft of writing is a passion.

The business of writing is a pain.

Writer's out there: What worked best for you???


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I've been to these places and now feel comfortable writing about them

Millmount - Drogheda

Creevelea Abbey - Dromahair 

Parke's Castle - Leitrim


A while back I posted a question on this blog, asking, 'Why Not Me?'

Well, since then, two important things have transpired.

 #1, my DNA suggests that I am 38% Irish.

#2, Marilyn and I spent a month in Ireland in 2016, and I validated many of the things in my novel by visiting places I wrote about.  Drogheda, Creevelea Abbey, Rivers Shannon, and Boyne and many others.  So the research dictated a few minor adjustments in my descriptions of the landscape.  Overall, I am satisfied that I have met my goal to minimize the misappropriation in the book.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Progress Report

Looking at publishing options (particularly with publishers that welcome first-time authors who are unrepresented by an agent.  Some ask for a query in "Writers' Market 2016", but their websites say something different.  It's a crazy business.  Any published author out there with some advice to share or suggestions, I'd appreciate your input. I'm torn between sending mss or just a query to the publishers mentioned above or sending a query to agents who invite my genre.  I'm resisting just settling to pay to 'self-publish'.

WIP (work in progress)
Finished a copy editing venture on draft #2, and embarking on draft #3 to compress some of the shorter chapters.  Decided to declare that my novel is a literary historical, multicultural novel that is targeted to readers whose interests include coming of age in tumultuous time. Add a spin of military history and 17th-century politics with a dash of social justice issues.  This mix is likely to interest young men or Irish and Choctaw history buffs of either gender.

I characterize my novel as a well researched, well-written adventure story with plot twists and ongoing tension and release episodes. And a book that deals with some little known historical information from the period.

One overarching theme is the similarities of these two cultures in those times.

I welcome questions you might have about this or other works of mine.  I will soon resume posting some of my poetry as part of my reenergizing my blog

Stay tuned


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Prologue to "The Saints Lost Their Way"

Prologue - Ireland - A Bit of History
Ireland has known little peace.  In truth, legend, and myth, it has been a land of battles, invasions, treachery and war for eons.  From the time the British Isles separated from the European continent to the retraction of the ice age glaciers, to the countless invasion, conquests, assimilations, and plantations, Ireland has been in turmoil.
                From the Caspian and Galacia, they came with strange names like Firbolg and Tuatha De Dannan. From Scandinavia came the name Eriu which morphed to Eire, √Čireann, Erin, and Ireland.  The Norse pillaged but started commerce in an agrarian land.  From Gaul came a language, the Gaelic which became Irish.  The Romans avoided Ireland since they were spread too thin and rebellion in Rome called them home.  The origin of the Celts is still disputed.
            The invaders brought culture, spirituality, and fierce competition which evolved into myths and magic. Over time, English royalty brought the influence of the Saxons, the Normans, the Parliamentarians, and the Dutch.  Infighting among the Irish clans gave an advantage to the invaders; some of whom assimilated into the Irish culture.

            And into this land of shifting alliances, Mathe O’Doole was born and came of age.

Can a blog respond to CPR?

Can a blog respond to CPR?  I'd like to breathe life into this seemingly dead document.  I'm inspired by Neolithic Irish art and Choctaw art.  I see representations of the 'circle of life'.  I have discovered many parallels between the two cultures.  Some have been posted in the past.  I've discovered many more while this blog fell under the curse of a wicked bean si.

Finally finished the first draft of my novel and done a comprehensive copy editing of draft # 2.  Searching the tedious world of publishing, sorting through the many variations.  Got some leads of publishers who welcome first time authors, but their turn around time to give a response to an mss submission may take longer than I'm alive.  I'd hate to have a posthumous best-seller.