Thursday, August 17, 2017

Novel in the home stretch

Putting finishing touches on the novel,

"The Saints Lost Their Way."

Check the prelude posted earlier.

Fine tuning with editor  Hope to be available soon

Writing the book was a passion and a mission, and I am finding publishing, promoting and marketing same is a JOB.  But I am excited to see it through and to get some reviews.  One strategy is to launch with special bargain price on the e-book version.

More as the strategies take shape.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Well, I've taken the plunge.  Considering my age, and the time it takes to get a response from agent querying activity or the response time from publishers for a first novel, I shopped around for a self-publishing opportunity.  Winnowing down all the options, I settled on Create Space which seemed to have all I needed and was able to negotiate to stay within my budget.  So far, we have worked well together.  I have selected cover art, and expect the line editing to be completed soon, and then go to print.  I am scheduling launch activities and looking at promotional strategies.

Still harboring lots of writing ideas, but have to focus on the 'business' of being an author for a while.