Sunday, October 30, 2011

Call Yourself a Poet?

OK, then are you:
A word painter? Language photographer? Phrase potter?
Sentence sculptor? Gerund gardener? Composition chef?
Emotion masseuse? Brain yegg?  Metaphor mechanic?
Simile surgeon? Allegory acrobat? Alliteration aviator?

OK, then can your:
Words make me see the world?
Phrase bring a tear?
Rhyme bring god into focus?
Couplet blur reality?
Sonnets freeze time?

Ok, when you write your words:
Do I know you?
Do they get in my guts?
Do they make my brain gears mesh?
Are they stronger than your foundations?
Are you a time stretcher reliving the past?
Are you a time cruncher inventing futures?

Words went to other planets before Hubble's lens opened the window for a peek!

Every answer deserves another question!