Monday, November 7, 2011


Writing based on observations of ordinary people going through their typical day of life raised my awareness of just how many people walk around seeming totally unaware of what's going on around them.  I felt privileged that my awareness provided me with a front row seat to the street theater that happens every day in a big city.  Drama that unfolded for me on my lunch hour was transparent to others as they moved in lock step back to their jobs



Relating only to what’s in front of their noses
The real essence of life passes by, flowing freely
And it can never be touched without reaching

Compressed in their own private niche of existence
Like a race horse, just seeing the track ahead
Wearing blinders to keep the mind focused on nothing

Like lying face down on the floor of a forest
Aware of the mosses, grub worms and leaf mold
The towering redwoods above – unnoticed

Forging ahead to your own Armageddon
Pause for a moment – reflect on life’s rhythm
Turn around – the whole world is right there behind you.