Friday, December 23, 2011

Mr. Solid Citizen

Though this was crafted 40 years ago, this hypocrite still lurks among us.  Call him out!

Mr. Solid Citizen

He works for ecology, but can’t really define it
He wears his alligator shoes to the earth day rally
He buys his herbicides in recyclable containers
He washes his hunting clothes in low phosphate detergent
He uses lead free gas in all four of his cars (including the SUV)
His seven kids helped distribute the ZPG posters
His wife wears the green omega ecology flag pin on the lapel of her seal skin jacket
He sold the pelts of the poisoned coyotes to get the cash to take his kids to the zoo to see the last surviving timber wolf.
He helped to deliver thousands of flyers urging citizens to save our forests
He popped two uppers during a smoke break to help him stay awake at the drug abuse seminar
He was the keynote speaker at the Anti-Marijuana cocktail party
He has a “Buy American” bumper sticker on his Subaru
He is tolerant, unbiased and broadminded
He refuses to wear his hood at clan rallies
He read “Soul on Ice” during brotherhood week
He often tells how he once bought a magazine from a Hare Krishna freak.
He and the kids watch the sports channels to see the benefits of exercise
 Mr. Solid Citizen