Sunday, January 15, 2012

American Aristocracy (scrap)

Can a democracy have an aristocracy?
Or is that a question of hypocrisy?
Aristocrats are a step above the rest of us.
We look up to them, they want respect from us.
Have aristocrats ever earned something?
Some were born into royalty and deserve nothing
They had to do nothing but get their ass born,
And with paparazzi's help toot their own horn.
Others rose because of their prowess at war
Stepping on the necks of the weak and the poor.

Kings and Despots, Czars and Emirs,
Moolahs, Cardinals, and Inquisitioners
Popes and Saints, Counts and Earls,
Sheikhs with harems of beautiful girls
Barons and Lords, a Prince and a Countess
Queens, Marquis, Dictators and a Princess
Aristocrats of a by-gone day
Not for us in the USA

We don't crown royalty
But the champions of American loyalty
Are actors on reality TV
Who don't have real lives like you and me.
Unfaithful politicians and Wall street crooks
Rappers and jocks and TV cooks,
Gangsters, Rockers and country western pickers
Movie stars who can't hold their liquor
Comedy Central and PGA
Our American Aristocracy
The product of our democracy.
USA, USA shout it loud!
Just look at us ..... I'm so proud!