Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Turned the Corner

The novel has turned a critical corner.  Matty, my protagonist, is casting his lot with the Chahta.  As I invent his further challenges and accomplishments, I ponder a title for the work.  The most fitting title, "The Dispossessed" has already been used.  A line from W.B. Yeats' poem, "The Curse of Cromwell", laments, 'Oh, What of That?'  Taken out of context, it has little impact. Other titles considered revealed clues of the outcome of the story, so they didn't make the cut.  The Rowan Tree is an important symbol, and may find its was into the title.  For Irish History buffs, I've considered, "Goslings Too Shall Fly" or "Celtic Diaspora".  Lots of others are on the table.

I find it interesting that as I invent the story, title options are revealed to me. I take on the role of the messenger who must note the story my characters are telling me.  This never  happened while writing poetry.  I am in command of that genre, but the novel has taken on a life of its own, and the characters residing in my brain direct me to get their way. I struggle to still retain some modicum of control.

So as Matty embarks on the final chapters of the book, (or the final part of the final book in the series). The tempo will shift, the maturing process and exposure to a new culture will result in a more contemplative character whose survival skills will change his knowledge and experience to wisdom.  Making wise decisions is critical. . . . .