Saturday, August 29, 2015

Irony or Vengeance?

For the past 60 years or so, I've explored, studied and been ashamed of the injustices the white invaders of our continent, nay, our hemisphere have imposed on the indigenous cultures and civilizations they found here.  The history books mostly say, 'discovered', sometimes say 'conquered', but seldom say 'invaded, annihilated or destroyed.

The character currently emerging in my novel is a Pequod.  His name translates to 'enters quietly'.  His character and behavior match his name and give credence to the plight of his people.  He comes to the story with a history of being defeated and enslaved.  His survival depended on his acceptance of his situation, and the flexibility to adapt. He realizes that self pity weakens the spirit and drains the will to survive.  Matty has much to learn from the heretofore silent Pequod.

The Pequod or Pequot, were warriors.  Their very name translates to 'destroyers'  They are a sub tribe in the Algonquian nation.  Warriors know that to win, you must be brave enough to suffer.  And suffer they did.  At the hands of the English settlers, and their Mohegan enemies.  Overwhelmed in battle, the survivors enslaved, the stoic nature, strong spirituality and self image of defeated warriors, guaranteed the Pequod future.  A guarantee that did not come easy or quick.

Piyo, in my story, lives in the 17th century.  The strength and tenacity of his blood line, over time, were compensated after many trials, with recognition of their land losses and a cash settlement in 1987.  Reaching an agreement with the state of Connecticut, finally in 1992, the Foxwood Resort and Casino opened and soon became more profitable than any casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. 

Vengeance?  Entitlement?   Your call.

My take:  The land greed of the white invaders led to the near demise of the Pequod.  Now the Pequod profit from the continuing greed of those who want instant gratification for themselves alone.

I'm going with 'irony'