Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Publishing Decisions

Seriously immersed in searching for publishing opportunities.

I'm drowning in details!

So many options: 

I've invested time writing.
Now, how much time and money to invest in publishing?
Hardback, Paperback, e-book?
Traditional publisher?  Self Publish?
Agent?  No agent?
Genre?  sub genre?
Pay editor?  Pay proofreader?
Self-edit ? Self Proofread?
Friend or family edit and/or proofread?
Getting format to comply with publisher submission requirements?
     font?  point size? headers?  footers?  margins? 
     page number placement?  line numbers?  
     word count limitations? book paper choices?
Pricing? Royalties?  Print runs?  Free copies? Discounts?
ISBN? LOC control #
Copyrights?  Ownership?
Marketing strategies?

The craft of writing is a passion.

The business of writing is a pain.

Writer's out there: What worked best for you???