Monday, June 1, 2015

Irish - Native American Parallels - 5

The Legacy of Land Grabbing

The lies and greed and treachery continue even today. Arizona Senators have sneaked a provision into a military funding bill.  The bill is important and will likely get passed without much scrutiny.  The hidden rider would steal more land from the Apaches and lease it to an Australian- British Company to come in and start mining on sacred land. It's the first time that land grabbing Americans have opted to offer Native lands to a foreign entity.

McCain and Flake have joined the legacy of America's greedy leaders (I use the word loosely).  They have joined the infamous ranks of treaty breakers and removal champions like Jefferson, J. Q. Adams, and Mr. Manifest Destiny himself, Ole Hickory, Andrew Jackson.  Our land grabbers follow the traditions of the Tudors, the Stuarts, and the British Champion of removal, Oliver Cromwell.  All firm believers that they possess some divine rights given by a god that those truly entitled to the land do not recognize.

The 'grabbers' included Henry Clay who is thought to have said, "Your theology is wrong so you must give way.  My religion entitles me to take your land, so you must leave."

Part of the 'grabbers' assumed entitlement was for military purposes.  Elizabeth I confiscated Irish land to protect her vulnerable western shore against the Spaniards.  And Ole Hickory quickly removed southern tribes who were allies of the British in earlier wars.

So McCain and Flake continue the shameful tradition, and ironically do so under the guise that it is critical to some military agenda. Gentlemen, I am ashamed of you.