Sunday, June 7, 2015

Shift in Focus

In addition to having a strong passion for Irish History and the plight of the native people of our continent, I have been an avid fan of the game we Americans call SOCCER, and a strong supporter of women's rights.  So given that the FIFA Women's World Cup matches commenced in Canada yesterday, the same day the FIFA EUEFA Champions finals were held in Berlin, guess which event got the most coverage in the press.  Let me guess.  Was it the two top men's football squads in Europe, Barcelona and Juventus? Or perhaps the matches between some of the top female athletes on our planet?  No contest.  Canada's victory over China was relegated to the bottom of page 5 in the Washington Post, below the headline of the FIFA scandals, and a team picture and article covering BARCA'S  victory.

Nowhere to be found was the bracketing of the WWC (Woman's World Cup). Nor any hype for our U.S. Woman's championship records in world competition.  Our men's national team got more coverage in their  futile attempt last year in Brazil.  Our women have done more to promote soccer in the USA than any other TEAM.  I accent 'team' because our WWC has been the epitome of what teamwork is all about.  The documentary on ESPN2 was a tribute to the 1999 champions and their story.  If it's rerun, check it out.  They are champions!!