Sunday, November 15, 2015

It Should Come as No Surprise

The murder of innocent civilians in Paris attributed to ISIS is an atrocity to be sure, but sadly it is one more  event like so many others throughout history.  Atrocities against innocent victims, whatever the motivation are a disturbing part of the history of humankind.  Greed for land, resources and power, acute differences in spiritual beliefs, lack of trust and the egomania of leaders who feel they must impose their will to 'civilize' others, fill the history books.  And often the history books portray the victims as deserving of the atrocities, and glorify the perpetrators as advancing the cause of civilization.

The crusades sent soldiers, with the approval of religious leaders, to make war against the 'infidels' in their homeland.  And a little known sidebar is when English crusaders were sent to Ireland to rid the land of 'heathens'.  History is rife with examples of genocide, extermination, annihilation, imposed famine and disease and forced removal of indigenous people.  Man's inhumanity to other humans has always been with us, and does not seem likely to go away anytime soon. It is a sad commentary, and I wish I had an answer.  I don't.  But one place to start would be to have history books tell the whole story of figures like Henry II, Strongbow,  Christopher Columbus, Cortez, Pizzaro, Elizabeth I, Oliver Cromwell, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

The so called advancement of civilization has been achieved by a long string of barbarous acts.