Thursday, November 5, 2015

Who Can You Trust?

One lesson in history is particularly true with the Irish and the Native Americans.  Be careful of your allies.  The lies and betrayals are many.  

The Irish in the 17th century allied with Royalists to fight against Cromwell's Parliamentarian New Model Army.  Money raised by both sides in the English Civil War came from 'adventurers'.  The debt was repaid with Irish land.  Lucky enough to survive the battles, and avoid slavery, many Irish soldiers returned to what was once their home to find that their land now 'legally' belonged to some English Earl.  And once victory came through Cromwell's terrorism, Irish Catholics were removed and pushed west of the Shannon River.
Likewise, later in the American colonies, what the history books call "The French and Indian War" took place with similar tactics. The war was actually between the French and the English, both of whom coerced natives tribes to join them.  And like in Ireland, the tribes were not rewarded, but driven from their land, which was given to white settlers.  Andrew Jackson, like Cromwell, mandated the removal of the tribes from the Southeast, and forced them to move west of the Mississippi River.  (And he never asked permission from the native tribes who had lived there since ancient times.)

So beware of your enemies, and keep a close eye on those who say they are your allies.