Monday, May 22, 2017

Progress Report

Looking at publishing options (particularly with publishers that welcome first-time authors who are unrepresented by an agent.  Some ask for a query in "Writers' Market 2016", but their websites say something different.  It's a crazy business.  Any published author out there with some advice to share or suggestions, I'd appreciate your input. I'm torn between sending mss or just a query to the publishers mentioned above or sending a query to agents who invite my genre.  I'm resisting just settling to pay to 'self-publish'.

WIP (work in progress)
Finished a copy editing venture on draft #2, and embarking on draft #3 to compress some of the shorter chapters.  Decided to declare that my novel is a literary historical, multicultural novel that is targeted to readers whose interests include coming of age in tumultuous time. Add a spin of military history and 17th-century politics with a dash of social justice issues.  This mix is likely to interest young men or Irish and Choctaw history buffs of either gender.

I characterize my novel as a well researched, well-written adventure story with plot twists and ongoing tension and release episodes. And a book that deals with some little known historical information from the period.

One overarching theme is the similarities of these two cultures in those times.

I welcome questions you might have about this or other works of mine.  I will soon resume posting some of my poetry as part of my reenergizing my blog

Stay tuned