Monday, April 20, 2015

Existential Crossroad

Convinced that building a platform is for attracting an audience for my novel, but concurrently convinced that without a complete novel, there is no need for the platform.  The whole 'chicken and egg" conundrum again.  There is a secondary project on my plate; a collection of poetry, essays and short stories that I feel is ripening for publication.  I work on fine tuning that when the novel gets stuck in the peat bogs.  Funny how switching focus to another project engenders ideas for the novel.

The collection is of 'Tides, Trees, and Time', and start planting Mattie in those milieus.  They are familiar places for him.  He sails the seas in numerous situations; some voyages forced upon him, some of choice.  The trees of Irish oak and rowan are important in his life, so I am reminded to revisit the wisdom of the trees and Mattie realizes he needs to embrace that wisdom.  And time, oh how joyful time seems to race, and then not move at all in agony.

At the existential crossroads, I let my novel characters visit my poetry and then carry lessons learned back to their tale. I visit other works too.  SOme of my own and som ein my research, and it helps to change focus, then carry lessons learned back to the tasks at hand.  Such excursions help decide which road to take for now.