Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ready now to get serious

So, the last post in 2013.  If anybody looked, anybody at all, they likely thought I died.  Well, I didn't.  Some things took place.  Revisit Phil Ochs song "Changes", (the Christy Moore version is a good one), and you'll know what I'm talking about.

I've learned a bunch of stuff lately, so I decided to try to pump life back into this blog.  I been doing it all wrong.  Mostly dumping a bunch of old stuff and salting it every now and then with something new.  But here's my new approach.  This blog will now be dedicated to promoting the book I am writing.  I pitched the story to an agent at a recent writer's workshop, and I can only say he didn't seem disinterested.  So here's the deal; I'm going to put the creative paddles on the chest of this seemingly dead blog spot, and turn on the juice to see if anyone can detect a heartbeat.

My heart is wrapped around my story of Mathe (Matty) O'Doole, coming of age in Ireland in the 17th century.  From Amergin, the Milesian bard to Maewyn Succat, the son of a Roman magistrate, to the mythical Finn McCool, growing up in Ireland has never been easy.

In truth and in legend, Ireland has been a land of turmoil, invasions, battles, treachery and war since the island drifted away for the Eurasian continent.  The original Firbolg name of 'Eueriio' evolved to Eriu, Eire, Erin, and finally 'Ireland'.  The Romans were smart enough to call it Hibernia, and leave it alone.

It was into this land of perpetual turmoil that Matty O'Doole was born in 1633.