Saturday, April 18, 2015

Yesterday's post was a catch up piece that I left in a draft mode back when when I was totally clueless.  I've found a few clues since then.  I'm still scratching my way up the internet learning curve.  Anyway,  back to first pages. . .

Been reading a lot of first pages and thinking like an agent.  I totally get it. (Did I just use 'totally' again? My god, two identical adverbs within two paragraphs.  I'll never get published writing like that.)

 Anyway, back to first pages. . .   There are many scenes in the tale where Matty is pressed with important decisions, many when he is in danger, many where he is helpless; but just as many where he wins, overcomes,avoids or solves the situations.  Throughout the story, he is disciplined by his father, grandfather, aunt, older brother, rebels from Sligo, he is chased by gallowglasses in th employment of an Anglo-Norman Earl, again by Scottish soldiers, and yet again by Roundheads.  Tension?  Hell, yes!  But where to start.  Should I work chronologically and start with an early threat during Matty's childhood? Or later perhaps, when he is working with his brother on the lake fishing to help the family income. But some falshbacks in the story to get the family's back story?  Too cliche?

I'll figure it out.  Any suggestions?  Comments welcome. . . very welcome