Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Irish - Native American Indian Parallels -2

Lack of Unity:

Old rivalries and commitment to vengeance by the septs,clans and tribes of Ireland and similar hierarchy of Choctaw society, gave an advantage to conquering invaders.  Many invaders used those old rivalries to their advantage. The polity of tribes, subtribes, and clans, each with leaders who could not agree to work together created a weakness and a lack of cohesion to fight a common enemy.  Ancient differences between tribe blocked any unity to stand together.

Names of people and places were changed:

Conquering invaders forced the changes upon the vanquished.  Examples in both cultures are many, to cite a few:  Grainne Ni Mhaille became Grace O'Malley in Ireland, while in America, Metacomet, chief of the Wampanoag, became 'King Phillip in the history books.  Place names were also forcefully changed.  Cloneen became Manor Hamilton and Learga became Blacklion.  And in America places were named after places departed with the addition of the word 'New' to Jersey, York, Hampshire or Amsterdam.  Another popular practice with invaders was to name places after their royalty, like Virginia or Maryland